Astrology Software Passion

Astrology Software Passion is adressed to each person who have had follow a starter course and is looking to ameliorate his skills in astrology.

1 Month Astrology Software Passion 18 €/Month 18 €

6 Months Astrology Software Passion 8 €/Month 48 €

12 Months Astrology Software Passion 6 €/Month 72 €

Those online computer softwares are very simple to use, they fonction on EVERY engines connected to the internet ( Mac, Linux all versions ) No needs for installation or reinstallation, you will have access to it on EVERY computers from all over the world INCLUDED tablets and phones. For each suscription to one of our softwares, we offer you a course over the phone, to learn all the aspects of it. Start your order today and join us by mail right away, with your home phone number or cell phone, Including your time availability. therefor, you will be guided, step by step on the use of the software.
For the payment you will not be charged right after the abonnement and for your security no card number will be registered or memorized.

We offer :

1) Astrology Software online: Calculations Modules who allows :
    -  Visualisation natal Charts and Detail Calculations
    -  Biorhythms.
    -  Solar and Lunar Revolution Charts and detail Calculations.
    -  New Moon's.
    -  Symbolic Directions.
    -  Dominante.
    -  Harmonics.
    -  Derived Houses.
    -  Midpoints.
    -  Synastry.
    -  Time-Space between 2 charts .

2) Astrology Software online: Reports - Interpretation Modules on-screen editing :
    -  Love Profile
    -  Birth chart Analysis
    -  Karmic Profile
    -  Birth Chart Complete.
    -  Psyco-Professional Profile.
    -  Yearly Forecast (Solar Revolution).
    -  Relationship Report.
    -  Tarots Reading with advices.

3) Chinese Astrology software online: 'Vo Van Em'
     This module allows :
    -  Chinese Charts Calculations and Forecasts (All World).

4) This subscription allows to use this Software in 3 languages Calculations and Interpretation's Texts: English, French and Spanish.

5) Reduction 35% on reports sended by Mail.