Astrology - Definition and History

Astrology is a human science which, after its study for thousands of years, establishes a certain correspondence between men and the environment (planets, stars…)

Based on countless observations taken place from the time immemorial, it lets us establish certain psychological characteristics of a person according to the position of planets at his / her birth time.  

The following planetary influence happens in three different orders.

It takes place in the following order:
- The position in signs
- The position in Houses
- The angles planets form, called Aspects.

1) The Planets in Signs :

Before facing this influence, let’s make a brief description of our environment. The Sun turns (an apparent movement) around the Earth and describes a circle. It describes a plan called Ecliptic Plan (image 1).

Astrology - Explanations Planets in Signs

Here and there in this plan, on a length of 17 degrees, there is a band called Zodiac. It is within this band where the planetary movements take place.
The Zodiac is divided into 12 identical parts of 30 degrees which correspond to the Astrological Signs. 
The first Sign is Aries: it starts on the spring Equinox.
In order to place in a more accurate way the planets in your date of birth, go to the Page of Astrological Calculations that we offer you in the home page. The position of planets in all Signs lets you describe the psychological profile of a person (character, psychism…), as well as his / her potential.
To sum up, we can say that all positions are described by a centre (the Earth) and a circle (the Zodiac).
We are now going to face the calculations of Houses and Ascendants.

2) The Planets in Houses :

Here, the Earth is no longer considered the centre. It is the human-being itself. At the Birth Time, in a certain place, the line described by the Horizon (the line which limits the portions of sky which can be seen, and the invisible ones), cuts the Ecliptic Plan in 2 points A and D (image 2)

Astrology - Explanations Ascendant

The Eastern point (A) is also called Ascendant, the Western point (D) is called descendant. Two other points, M and F, are drawn by the intersection of the vertical of the place of birth (or meridian) and the Ecliptic Plan: the Culminating point (M) or Zenith and the bottom point (F) or Nadir. These four essential points in the theme have then given place to an Ecliptic division into two different sections of different shape: the Houses. These Houses, always determined according to the Zodiac, are related to different domains in the human fate.
Let’s see which are the values attributed to each one.
- The First House or Ascendant provides us information on the personality, the will and also about the body, its constitution and heredity. This important house for any astrological analysis provides the dispositions of the Character by analysing the sign where it starts and by the planets occupying it.
- The Second House deals with Finances: the origin of all incomes, capital goods, budget and material acquisitions….
- The Third House defines the intelligence, the practical sense, but also trips, communication and one’s close circle (brothers, cousins, neighbours…).
- The Forth House or Sky bottom is related to the family, the household unit, the home, the properties, the real estate…
- The Fifth House gives us information on love affairs, pleasures, leisure activities and also about children and Creation.
- The Sixth House displays services and obligations at a professional level (employees, collaborators, craftsmen, merchants). It also gives us information about life and hygiene of life.
- The Seventh House or Descending is related to societies, marriage, contracts and relationships (associative, social…).
- The Eighth House deals with the unknown, the mystery, the crises, the heritages. It also symbolises, anguishes, our idea of death.
- The Ninth House defines moral conduct, mental level, philosophic. It gives us information about qualities of the mind and about our relationships with foreign countries and travels.
- The Tenth House or Midheaven refers to our profession, honours and power. It represents fate and the career.
- The Eleventh House has to do with friendship, projects and hopes.
- The Twelfth House considers hostilities, the trials we can face. It also points out to all different sectors where our freedom of action is limited.

This Zodiac division into twelve sectors of Houses is included in the page of Astrological Calculations. It will also be essential that all planets close to the Midheaven (Tenth House) or Ascendant (First House) affect the character and are important in their role according to fate.

3) Aspects :

The Planetary Positions as described in the Signs and Houses are another element taking part in Astrology, due to the Angles formed by planets themselves which are called Aspects. Always considering their own observations, the ancients have already defined within the Zodiac circle, the angles according to which value where considered « positive, negative or neutral ».
The « Positive Aspects » are Trine (120º angle) and Sextile (60°).
They are considered beneficent, that is, that they establish certain eases and predispositions.
The « Negative Aspects » are Opposition (Around 180 º angle) and the Square (90°).
All problems we can face in certain areas are important (difficulties which, we have to say, are not insuperable, but which require a certain effort).
The « Neutral Aspects »: the Conjunction (planets separated by less the 10°).
This is the product of the fusion of two planets, that according to their nature they will describe a positive or negative tendency (sometimes both).
You will also find the list of aspects in the page of your Astrological Calculations.


It is then thanks to the positions of planets in Signs, Houses and their Aspects that the Astrological interpretation is carried out. The study of the astrological theme through computing lets us discover the personality and possibilities of every individual. It opens a new way to information but it doesn’t try to replace (at least up to now) the astrologer who, thanks to the dialogue and the contact, preserves the possibility to establish a more complete study.

        José Gonzalez – Astrologer