Numerology - Definition

Numerology, from the Latin « numerus », number, and the Greek, discourse, it is the science of numbers. Quite used by the ancients, to whom Pythagoras and Plato revealed the intelligence of numbers which we find again in holy texts, as the Bible.

Numerology is a very accurate science which is present in the optics of the advice and prevention rather than in the optics of help. It makes people become aware and responsible in order to face their real possibilities and reveals their unknown potentials, which can grow a new « undertake hunger ».

The contribution of Numerology to your daily life provides you a better perception and comprehension of your closest, starting from yourselves. You’ll then establish new relationships with your dearest, more authentic and which will add value to your own image.

You will then realise that some of your lost capabilities were only half exploited. On the other hand, some others are highly exploited. You will be able to reorganize the whole of it and find the internal harmony which will make you be more performing.

The association of the essential numbers derived from your date of birth, and the letters that build up your name and surname, are reliable basis for your reflection and reaction according to the message delivered.

Change a surname in order to improve the own existence, is it possible?

The example of the artistic pseudonyms is a clear example of a success normally provided by a harmonic name which implies an excellent public image.

There is a well-known anecdote related to an automobile foreign brand that never reached the sales objectives forecasted… after a chart on the name of the society, a numerologist suggested to change the first letter of the name which was S by T…
In the next 9 months following this change, the benefits of the society will double…
It was Toyota...