Relationship Harrison and Calista

Transits du Jour and Transits du Jour

General Introduction


We have carefully worked out a different method of studying relationships between people. In order to achieve that purpose, it has been necessary to combine a new astrological technique, a deeply humanistic psychology and the power of computer technology.

When two people meet, they each come with their own characteristics.

In the first part of this study, we have drawn the portraits of both persons involved by taking into account the "masculine" planets (Sun and Mars) in the woman’s chart, and the "feminine" planets (Moon and Venus) in the man’s chart.

Your relationship creates a third element, a special exchange where something new appears: 1 + 1 = 3!

What we invite you to discover in the second part of this study is precisely the chart of that relationship. We have calculated it just between the two births, both in time and in space.
This study has another purpose beside the psychological or material information it provides in all fields (love life, finances,...): to help you understand more clearly the subtle mechanisms of your relationship, and offer you some simple and preventive advice.

We now invite you to start reading your chart interpretation and hope that your inquiry is being fully answered.

First Part

Through the analysis of both your charts, we will cover the romantic ideal of each of you, your desires, the type of relationship that you can ideally expect.
The first step will be to verify that you correspond to the established portrait.


Transits du Jour

You have a strong imagination, and are sometimes a real dreamer. You love passionately, yet you keep an apparent sense of reserve or decency. Your feelings are deep if your union can unfold in a gentle and tender atmosphere. You are manic-depressive and particularly appreciate continual attention, a lot of cuddling and fantasy. A strong-willed partner who would be able to tie your dreams to reality, would be ideal for you. He will have to display a lot of imagination and be very receptive, and also respect your intimacy, your "secret garden". Beside being romantic and sensitive enough, that person will also have to reassure you constantly and participate in the creation of an intimate and warm little nest that could be a shelter towards the outside world.
Even if you deny it, you carry in you the image of a traditional (or ancient) society where man was the cornerstone, the basis. It is quite possible that your father strongly influenced you in that regard. In fact, you might be looking for your father in your companion (consciously or not). Because of that, you will have to be careful not to mix everything up in your feelings. This astral influence often indicates the encounter of an older partner, more mature and reassuring. But there is also a risk of dependence.
You are bubbly as ever and freely share your energy and hunger for life. You will never lack people around you, especially men. In romance, you seem willing to take certain risks in order to live strange, unconventional experiences. These would satisfy your psychological curiosity and your need to challenge established usages and rules. You will know numerous loving friendships. Some of those will modify your behaviours and help you grow. With this type of energy, it is important that you learn how to perceive and experience the "here and now" freely. Do not try to freeze or pin down the established relationship.
You tend to intellectualize your feelings and like to be courted. You are full of charm and exert a definite attraction on others. Romance cannot encroach in any way on your freedom of action because you are independent by nature and rebellious toward any constraint. Your expectations are tinged with enthusiasm. You are quick to act: no matter what! In the worst case, it will just be one more experience! You expect your partner to adhere to your numerous projects and to help you make practical decisions in order to realize them. Your emotional life will be influenced by friendship (romantic friendships are likely).

Transits du Jour


You are first and foremost a person of instinct and passion. You find it difficult to hold back your sensitiveness, due to the inner conflicts that are tormenting you. You have a critical mind, straightforward opinions that are most often accurate but sharp. This can cause you to be somewhat clumsy in your relationships with others. You are endowed with a remarkable intuition that enables you to discover your partners' real nature. Love to you is synonym with passion. That is why you expect to meet the "mysterious stranger", an exciting, puzzling woman who will know how to fascinate and resist you.
Without apparent reason, you are often thought of as someone who is different, a little strange. It is true that you are rather shy, or discrete at the very least, and you only reveal part of yourself to others. That is why you need a partner who is perceptive and subtle enough .... You have a form of sensuality or even greediness that will need to be kept under control. It could even cause temporary trouble in your couple. This disposition is more favourable to men who are willing to change for the love of a woman.
In spite of your romantic or passionate tendencies, the circumstances of life will oblige you to keep some moderation in your emotional life. You are made for calm, peaceful love relationships, where dedication and understanding hold the major part. With time, you might want to moderate your sensual appetites. Your type of woman is modest and able to take care of herself materially. She is capable of forgetting herself for the good of all. A shared interest in humanitarian causes (medicine, the Third World, ...) could bring you closer.
In your personality, reason is trying to master feelings. In romance, you are afraid to expose yourself, and you don't like to make a show of your private life. You are modest, charitable and devoted to others. You would be totally fulfilled with an affectionate, simple, gentle and discrete partner. That is why your union will mostly be reasonable, in compliance with your desire for purity. In order for your feelings to unfold, it will be necessary for your partner to maintain a climate of intimacy. In some cases, there is a link between love and your professional circle.

Second Part
Sun and Moon

The positions of the Sun and the Moon in the relationship chart give us information about the real motivations of your relationship,its reason for being and its profound evolution.
The Moon more specifically indicates the quality of feelings and emotions.
Make sure you read these texts carefully because they alone already indicate the quality of the relationship.
Favourable positions here will significantly soften any difficutly present elsewhere in the chart.


You both seem endowed with a strong will to realize yourselves and assert yourselves through action; you could call it a strong desire to "work your way up to the top". This can be excellent for collaboration in business, because you will both find in each other the necessary support for your ambition and strength (if confirmed by the rest of the chart). However, beware of falling into the trap of pride and conceit because of your need to be noticed favourably or recognized for what you do.
Emotionally, you have high expectations and sometimes demand too much or are authoritarian towards your partner. Make sure your ideal and shared ambition don't turn into intolerance or vanity. Also, taking care of your image on the outside should not induce you to neglect the intimate side of your relationship ...
The intense emotional aspect of this relationship can mean a deep close bond between the two of you. You understand each other much more through your sensitiveness than intellectually. It would be very hard for either of you to treat the other with coldness or indifference (except in negative charts or with Saturn in I e.g.). On the contrary, you will spontaneously feel very close, very alike in many ways, without even talking. We might say that you will probably feel you belong to the same group, the same origin - even if everything apparently separates you (family, religion, race, etc.). However, you will have to learn how to remain objective and how not to invest yourself excessively. Be mature towards each other: therein lies your real challenge.

Venus and Mars

The positions of Venus and Mars indicate to what extent you are attracted to each other and it considers the relationshipon a physical level:
Venus through the ability to establish a harmonious relationship, and Mars through the related dynamics.
We will also analyze the balance of your relationship from a physical, sexual and sensual point of view.


Both of you seem to have a fairly good awareness of this relationship on the whole. You see clearly what realizations can be considered together and what the other's skills and talents are. Whether in romantic matters or more material or professional ones, you have an innate sense of communication and dialogue. This should allow you to act only after careful consideration of the subject. In a way, this combination can prove to be excellent to work as a duo. It is also great to make the most of your mutual capacities rationally and totally, with a remarkable spirit of cohesion. The possible weaknesses of this energy are: a tendency to multiply yourself into too many actions without enough preparation; or you could waste your nervous energies into words or various trips and contacts; or you could be too curious and then unstable in what you do.
This is an original encounter, unique and yet shared, which through love and beyond the first moments of ecstasy, could lead you to the strong friendship of free spirits. Or else, out of this obvious brotherhood born with the first look, love will spring up like a silent vessel that you take to the future. You vibrate to the same voices, carry the same hopes, and you are likely to walk side by side for a long time, even if thousands of miles or years separate you. More reasonably, it is true that you possess powerful assets to experience together an exciting "moment" in life, no matter how long. Besides, you will not live it alone, because friendship and self-denial are for you a necessary and joyful oxygen.

Mercury and Jupiter

Mercury and Jupiter affect the relationship on a more intellectual level.
Mercury stands for the mind and communication, and it gives us information about the capacity to dialogue, interact and exchange that exists between you.
Jupiter on the other hand stands for the strength of your union, everything that can be a positive element in the evolution of your relationship.


In a love relationship, this energy can be the determining factor in starting life together both psychologically and materially (real estate acquisitions, do-it-yourself, various tasks ...). Indeed, you seem to be looking for certain responsibilities or activities in order to assert yourself in a collective context (family of course, but sometimes professional too ...). For one of you especially, this originates in a somewhat rough education, which brings about an urge to exercise some kind of power as a compensation. However, bear in mind that it is necessary to remain careful and self-critical. Indeed, you could have to deal with latent conflicts regarding your family life, your lodgings, and your behaviour in general. The real cause to these problems, however, probably lies somewhere else, deep inside of you, and it would take a lot of patience and objectiveness for you to perceive them.
On the whole, you can definitely consider that this relationship is placed under favourable auspices, but there is also a more specific aspect to it. In living together, you can expect to naturally trust each other, feel total serenity or overflowing optimism like never before. It is as if this relationship opened a door inside of you, revealing some hitherto unknown space, richness and new dimensions. In practical terms, this means that you could share the same philosophical or intellectual thought processes; you could also share a taste for travel, or even more simply, have the same good-heartedness. Even if you had to separate, you would be too aware of how much you evolved through each other or enriched each other, to feel any kind of bitterness.

Saturn and Uranus

We will finish here with the study of Saturn and Uranus.They point out the areas where your relationship could have some difficulty, insecurity or even blocks and limitations.
Saturn indicates the areas of the relationship that might need structuring or that are rigid.
Uranus, as a planet of independence and freedom, indicates the degree of sociability of your couple. It also gives information about your friendships and the areas in which you are likely to cooperate.


Is dialogue an empty word between you? No, but you need to understand certain basic tendencies. Indeed, there can be a barrier between you, related to your respective ways of thinking and uses of the language, because they have very different and rigid structural grounds. In the worst case, it means that partners cannot even listen to each other! Before you reach that point, try not to seclude yourself in an "ivory tower" like an injured superior being or misunderstood genie! You might want to ponder the following: your intelligence and intellectual habits (often inherited from a very strict and outdated education) are not necessarily superior to your partner's, for crying out loud! Besides, don't constantly refer to the past or the rules of conduct of old times, all it would do is make things worse. For the same reason, and unless you get along extremely well, relationships with old people around you will be a lot better ... in small doses!
You will find it somewhat difficult to moderate the expression of your individualities. But your respect for the other as an individual needs to be stronger and has to come before your frenzied need for independence. Your union might have started under special circumstances and be based on mutual freedom (free love, sometimes). It can only be satisfactory if it brings understanding, friendship and cooperation between you, as well as a strong intellectual communion. Together, you could work on something new, different and nonconformist. You have access to very varied circles through your originality, contacts and connections, which are out of the ordinary (famous or exceptional people ...). However, keep in mind that any attempt to restrict the other's freedom of action will automatically cause the end of the relationship, in a very abrupt and final way!