Relationship Harrison and Calista

Transits du Jour and Transits du Jour

General Introduction


We have carefully worked out a different method of studying relationships between people. In order to achieve that purpose, it has been necessary to combine a new astrological technique, a deeply humanistic psychology and the power of computer technology.

When two people meet, they each come with their own characteristics.

In the first part of this study, we have drawn the portraits of both persons involved by taking into account the "masculine" planets (Sun and Mars) in the woman’s chart, and the "feminine" planets (Moon and Venus) in the man’s chart.

Your relationship creates a third element, a special exchange where something new appears: 1 + 1 = 3!

What we invite you to discover in the second part of this study is precisely the chart of that relationship. We have calculated it just between the two births, both in time and in space.
This study has another purpose beside the psychological or material information it provides in all fields (love life, finances,...): to help you understand more clearly the subtle mechanisms of your relationship, and offer you some simple and preventive advice.

We now invite you to start reading your chart interpretation and hope that your inquiry is being fully answered.

First Part

Through the analysis of both your charts, we will cover the romantic ideal of each of you, your desires, the type of relationship that you can ideally expect.
The first step will be to verify that you correspond to the established portrait.


Transits du Jour

Your emotions and impulses of the heart are very enthusiastic. Your generosity in love makes you first and foremost faithful and honest: your feelings are sincere and deep. You are a society woman par excellence; you are also tolerant and understanding. You are looking for strong idealistic tendencies in your partner because you need to be challenged intellectually. In the same way, you enjoy sharing the simple and healthy pleasures of life, travelling and opening your mind to new horizons. The respect and independence you have toward each other are favourable to establish durable trust.
You are an idealist who is longing for freedom and absolute. You probably won't find on this earth the perfect being whose image you are carrying inside like a secret torch. If others chose to "marry" the Man-God in the silence of a cloister, you won't go that far! And if you can't find the Einstein, Gandhi or Tabarly of your dreams, you won't turn down more modest heroes. Though less spectacular, they would be endowed with the moral qualities and knowledge that you need.
You are pervaded with a multitude of subtle energy flows deep inside. These cause you to do things or make choices that are often hard to understand by others. As you probably know, in romance and sensuality you are likely to feel these energies without always being able to understand and control them. Indeed, yours are secret fascinations, unspoken phantasms or even clandestine relationships on the fringe of society. Let us draw your attention to the fact that some emotional difficulties should be seen as stepping stones toward evolution ...
You are attractive and you know it! You like to surround yourself in mystery, like a "misunderstood mermaid"! You are romantic and your feelings are tinged with philanthropy. You are a dreamer and tend to idealize your partners (excessive dreams or illusions). As a result, your romantic involvements generally bring about complications and trouble. Your relationships are seldom simple: there is always some difficulty, secret or mystery. Towards your partner, you are careful not to give up your personality or restrict your freedom of action. You are vulnerable, so your partner will have to give you confidence and make positive the expression of your extremely strong sensitiveness. Hidden enmities or jealousies are possible.

Transits du Jour


Your imagination serves your actions and gives you a strong taste for adventure and an active life full of changes. You act out of instinct and your enthusiasm drives you to make fast decisions, sometimes hasty ones!
We can say that you are more hotblooded and passionate than sentimental. The impulses of your heart often start out as sudden crazes and they mostly don't last. The ideal partner for you would be a determined woman, who is not touchy and takes initiatives. She will be straightforward and direct. You will be seduced by her stamina. She will help you in the realization of your plans. Try to avoid whims and sudden impulses that can bring about brutal changes and sometimes hurt others.
Your sensitiveness is far superior to that of most men. You depend a lot on your emotions, your feelings and your imagination. You are more or less liberated from your mother's hold over you (which might have been excessive), and can hardly resist women who know how to play you (need for tenderness, for "warmth" ...). Beware not to project your mother / son relationship onto other relationships. You need to make an effort of objectiveness and analyze your feelings in order to avoid weakening relationships. However, don't let this prevent you from choosing a tender and loving woman for a partner.
You are often an extremist regarding your feelings. One day, you could be walking down a path that is taking you to the outermost bounds of love and ecstasy, and the next day, have your soul be tormented by the aches of dispossession and hatred ... If you look too much for the Absolute, the All or Nothing, you're taking the risk of going through very painful times. But maybe you are made of those impure metals that purify themselves only when in contact with very brisk heat! You will know mysterious women, magicians of the heart and witches of the body, who no matter what will initiate you to a different way of loving.
You are not always aware of your desires on a sentimental level. Your true nature in romance is particularly demanding: you need passion, and intense and exclusive feelings. You are also sensual, and your charm and attractiveness have a "magnetic" power over others. We cannot rule out violent passions: sometimes, they will remain controlled or internalized. If your energy is channelled in a positive way, union could be particularly enriching (deep and secret emotional bonds). You can achieve a certain material wealth through women.

Second Part
Sun and Moon

The positions of the Sun and the Moon in the relationship chart give us information about the real motivations of your relationship,its reason for being and its profound evolution.
The Moon more specifically indicates the quality of feelings and emotions.
Make sure you read these texts carefully because they alone already indicate the quality of the relationship.
Favourable positions here will significantly soften any difficutly present elsewhere in the chart.


You both seem endowed with a strong will to realize yourselves and assert yourselves through action; you could call it a strong desire to "work your way up to the top". This can be excellent for collaboration in business, because you will both find in each other the necessary support for your ambition and strength (if confirmed by the rest of the chart). However, beware of falling into the trap of pride and conceit because of your need to be noticed favourably or recognized for what you do.
Emotionally, you have high expectations and sometimes demand too much or are authoritarian towards your partner. Make sure your ideal and shared ambition don't turn into intolerance or vanity. Also, taking care of your image on the outside should not induce you to neglect the intimate side of your relationship ...
The intense emotional aspect of this relationship can mean a deep close bond between the two of you. You understand each other much more through your sensitiveness than intellectually. It would be very hard for either of you to treat the other with coldness or indifference (except in negative charts or with Saturn in I e.g.). On the contrary, you will spontaneously feel very close, very alike in many ways, without even talking. We might say that you will probably feel you belong to the same group, the same origin - even if everything apparently separates you (family, religion, race, etc.). However, you will have to learn how to remain objective and how not to invest yourself excessively. Be mature towards each other: therein lies your real challenge.

Venus and Mars

The positions of Venus and Mars indicate to what extent you are attracted to each other and it considers the relationshipon a physical level:
Venus through the ability to establish a harmonious relationship, and Mars through the related dynamics.
We will also analyze the balance of your relationship from a physical, sexual and sensual point of view.


In evolved and open charts, each partner seems to be able to go a lot further than most people into the study, analysis and enlightenment of the other's most intimate psychological processes. Even if this is a romantic relationship, both partners are unified in an intense intellectual and psychological phenomenon. You will both see your capacities grow and transform, sometimes as if by magic (or so it seems). However, in a more common relationship, there could be some problems related to nerves, or tensions that make dialogue difficult or even impossible. In that case, it is critical to avoid lies and dissimulation, which would end up destroying the existing mutual trust. This is particularly true on a material level (where one of you at least might be tempted to cheat with the couple's budget, for example). The key word here is: transparence!
Harmony and gentleness could be the major elements in this relationship. Indeed, you are brought together by the same search for balance of the heart, romantic reassurance, or tender sharing. This is reinforced by the fact that you can satisfy those needs through tender attentions, friendship and peacefulness. In your case, love and friendship can be very close, to the point where there could be some temporary confusion. The delicate side of this energy lies in the following: whether or not you will hide or keep to yourselves legitimate grievances with the sole purpose of preserving your dear harmony and emotional peace. Such an attitude would only favour a deterioration of the friendship and outbursts of resentment beyond your control. Speak clearly about your problems: doing that cannot seriously endanger a healthy relationship.

Mercury and Jupiter

Mercury and Jupiter affect the relationship on a more intellectual level.
Mercury stands for the mind and communication, and it gives us information about the capacity to dialogue, interact and exchange that exists between you.
Jupiter on the other hand stands for the strength of your union, everything that can be a positive element in the evolution of your relationship.


At first sight, this relationship is characterized by strong personal willpower on both of your parts. Each of you sees the other as a rather energetic, determined person, though a little rough. If you make it through the first encounter, which is not obvious, try to accept and understand the following: you are together so that you can go even further on the path of self-expression and achieve more. You have the ability to stimulate each other, even if sometimes this happens by "treading on each others' toes" (maybe you need this to move on). The main thing for you both, if you want to strengthen this relationship, is to base it as much as you can on action, work and effort. It is essential for each of you to absolutely feel you are accomplishing something: building, enterprising, or, in one word, LIVING! As soon as one of you should forget or refuse this, the unused energy would quickly backfire: arguments, tension, even violence would result. If this is a love relationship, there is a risk of male predominance ...
Your relationship is particularly favourable for intellectual communion and allows each of you to access a certain philosophy of life. Together you become aware of new perspectives and possible new experiences. Your beliefs are pervaded with tolerance and moderation. As far as union goes, you live it fully through high spiritual aspirations in search of moral elevation: you make each other feel worthy and your relationship never stops growing and improving as time goes by. You are widely open to the outside world and everything that is new.
You particularly enjoy long trips, which sometimes leads to living abroad. The ideal you share gives you a strength that can settle any disagreement. You are likely to work together towards the materialization of your ideas.

Saturn and Uranus

We will finish here with the study of Saturn and Uranus.They point out the areas where your relationship could have some difficulty, insecurity or even blocks and limitations.
Saturn indicates the areas of the relationship that might need structuring or that are rigid.
Uranus, as a planet of independence and freedom, indicates the degree of sociability of your couple. It also gives information about your friendships and the areas in which you are likely to cooperate.


If this relationship chart has a majority of positive aspects, you are probably dealing with an encounter that is extremely important for both of you, with consequences that spread over a long time. Of course, you are not necessarily promised an easy path, but you can count on systematic rewards for your efforts and goodwill in difficult times. Whether in business or romance, the satisfactions that you will be getting are very durable and even acquired for good, despite not being spectacular or visible. Partners who are persistent, strong-willed and prefer a stable and discrete success over a brilliant and fleeting one, will get here a lot of encouragement.
The others won't make it ...
Your relationship is very unconventional and characterized by a definite out-of-the-ordinariness. We see here the association of two independent natures, who are hungry for change, novelty and progress. The elements conducive to your relationship were as sudden as unexpected. Very often, people around you are surprised and wonder about your relationship. This bond of love (or frienship) could have an energizing effect on both of you and reveal sides of your personalities that you didn't even know existed. You are nonconformists and likely to run away from routine. You are always looking for surprises, the unexpected and fascinating adventures. One word of caution however: this experience is not the easiest, because you will often get off the beaten track. Yet, with such an open-mindedness and impetuous curiosity, you are able to take up any challenge.