Relationship Harrison and Calista

Transits du Jour and Transits du Jour

General Introduction


We have carefully worked out a different method of studying relationships between people. In order to achieve that purpose, it has been necessary to combine a new astrological technique, a deeply humanistic psychology and the power of computer technology.

When two people meet, they each come with their own characteristics.

In the first part of this study, we have drawn the portraits of both persons involved by taking into account the "masculine" planets (Sun and Mars) in the woman’s chart, and the "feminine" planets (Moon and Venus) in the man’s chart.

Your relationship creates a third element, a special exchange where something new appears: 1 + 1 = 3!

What we invite you to discover in the second part of this study is precisely the chart of that relationship. We have calculated it just between the two births, both in time and in space.
This study has another purpose beside the psychological or material information it provides in all fields (love life, finances,...): to help you understand more clearly the subtle mechanisms of your relationship, and offer you some simple and preventive advice.

We now invite you to start reading your chart interpretation and hope that your inquiry is being fully answered.

First Part

Through the analysis of both your charts, we will cover the romantic ideal of each of you, your desires, the type of relationship that you can ideally expect.
The first step will be to verify that you correspond to the established portrait.


Transits du Jour

You are romantic and tend to idealize love, making it match your dreams. You are also overly sensitive, and your life depends mainly on your emotions. More so than most women, you feel the urge to rely on others, to be encouraged, pampered and protected.
You are very receptive to atmospheres and surroundings. You are a tender and generous lover. You want your ideal partner to be charming, with a lot of imagination, and even mysterious. You are devoted in romance. Your partner will have to deal with the whims and fancies that so often make you unforeseeable and hard to catch up with. However, there is one threatening danger: you might get carried away by your dreams.
You belong to the category of people who never completely reveal themselves to the outside world. Either out of sheer discretion or because you feel you wouldn't be understood ... Your silences, your shyness and hidden fears are not really favourable to a romantic life.
In the end, a man who has suffered identical problems or is interested in psychology or spirituality, might be capable of approaching you on an intimate level without hurting you. He could respect your reservedness and fragility. Whoever he is, accept his presence as a means to understand yourself better and overcome your barriers.
You are dynamic and athletic. You love wide open spaces, the open air, primarily because they echo your desire for freedom and independence. In general, you prefer practice over theory and acts over words. This gives you a highly direct and frank appearance. Emotionally, you like to play fair. You live what you feel spontaneously and without complications. This does not prevent you in any way from respecting certain moral values. You are prone to meeting partners who are rather positive, enriching and generous. Partners who have an ideal to share. There is a possible relationship with a foreigner or during a trip.
You have an independent nature and are hungry for freedom, space and action. You are also an idealist with a tendency to magnify love. You are looking for the great adventure, the one that will take you to the most intense passions. You admire bold men, pioneers and achievers. In a love relationship, you like to hear your partner's opinions; you enjoy discussion and express what you think frankly. You particularly appreciate when your partner stimulates your intellectual capacities and opens new horizons for you. Trips and foreign countries will play a part in romance.

Transits du Jour


You are sociable and deeply attached to your home and family. You love nature, quiet, and to some extent, comfort. You are powerfully attracted to sensuous pleasures. You have stable feelings and opinions. You are practical-minded and act with caution and moderation. You are very successful with women. They give you a lot of satisfaction. You want your ideal partner to be calm, sensual, happy and above all, noble-hearted. You particularly value stability, responsibility and faithfulness in a lifemate. You will be very sensitive to everything she can teach you regarding the art of better living.
More so than most people, you are attached to material and/or emotional security. This can sometimes make you very possessive or too down-to-earth and conformist (out of need to feel rooted in the past, in traditions, etc.). To some extent, you tend towards the "classic" love life: you get married and choose to have joined finances (budget, lodgings, etc.). However, keep your taste for good living under control, because fine dining and a comfortable bed are not enough to guarantee harmony in a couple.
In the dictionary of your soul, the word "Love" will stay without definition.
Your universe is huge, too big and too mysterious, full of dreams, of inexpressible emotions or unspeakable phantasms! You are capable of forgiving everything, of loving without limits. And sometimes you will come within a hair's breadth of the abyss, for forgetting your own weaknesses in order to help others. Not everyone can be Mother Theresa or Doctor Schweitzer! Your love relationships will be fantastic, rarely easy, but always extremely enriching spiritually and morally. Your type of woman: intuitive, extremely emotional, a musician ...
Emotionally, you are hard to read. Those who are close to you most often don't know your true nature. You are charitable and tend to idealize your partners too much: you sometimes live love as if it were a dream. This generally brings about disappointments and complications in romance. Your love life might not be expressed in the open. Keep in mind that being too sentimental and friendly could make you look like you're spineless and weak. In the positive, you are longing for a calm and peaceful life, in search of a certain wisdom.

Second Part
Sun and Moon

The positions of the Sun and the Moon in the relationship chart give us information about the real motivations of your relationship,its reason for being and its profound evolution.
The Moon more specifically indicates the quality of feelings and emotions.
Make sure you read these texts carefully because they alone already indicate the quality of the relationship.
Favourable positions here will significantly soften any difficutly present elsewhere in the chart.


You both seem endowed with a strong will to realize yourselves and assert yourselves through action; you could call it a strong desire to "work your way up to the top". This can be excellent for collaboration in business, because you will both find in each other the necessary support for your ambition and strength (if confirmed by the rest of the chart). However, beware of falling into the trap of pride and conceit because of your need to be noticed favourably or recognized for what you do.
Emotionally, you have high expectations and sometimes demand too much or are authoritarian towards your partner. Make sure your ideal and shared ambition don't turn into intolerance or vanity. Also, taking care of your image on the outside should not induce you to neglect the intimate side of your relationship ...
Before you met, one of you certainly had to go through difficult times, which partially accounts for a wounded sensitiveness that hasn't healed yet. As a result, you can expect the necessity of an extra effort of attention, gentleness and understanding in order for your relationship to grow beyond these unconscious fears or lurking anxiety. You will have to bare your heart and soul, which implies total honesty towards each other as well as a deep urge for renewal. You must strongly want to leave behind for good all heavy regrets and morbid or negative memories. It will be absolutely necessary to cut the numerous ties that are still holding you back. These can take the form of several concrete problems: difficult relationship with the mother, sustained shyness, excessive emotional dependence, limiting living conditions, etc.

Venus and Mars

The positions of Venus and Mars indicate to what extent you are attracted to each other and it considers the relationshipon a physical level:
Venus through the ability to establish a harmonious relationship, and Mars through the related dynamics.
We will also analyze the balance of your relationship from a physical, sexual and sensual point of view.


Both of you seem to have a fairly good awareness of this relationship on the whole. You see clearly what realizations can be considered together and what the other's skills and talents are. Whether in romantic matters or more material or professional ones, you have an innate sense of communication and dialogue. This should allow you to act only after careful consideration of the subject. In a way, this combination can prove to be excellent to work as a duo. It is also great to make the most of your mutual capacities rationally and totally, with a remarkable spirit of cohesion. The possible weaknesses of this energy are: a tendency to multiply yourself into too many actions without enough preparation; or you could waste your nervous energies into words or various trips and contacts; or you could be too curious and then unstable in what you do.
Through this encounter, whether romantic or friendly, one of you (or both) is likely to find a real opportunity to express himself/herself emotionally. Indeed, it allows you to let your feelings, tastes and emotions influence your actions and realizations more. The strength of your emotional bond is such that your love relationship (or friendship) is obvious to other people. Besides, you will both be able to assert yourselves better and have more confidence. Through your contact with each other, you can even expect a significant improvement of your living conditions, both materially and psychologically. However, for the balance of the relationship, you will need other elements from the chart to bring dynamism and good judgement. Indeed, this energy by itself is much too exclusively sentimental.

Mercury and Jupiter

Mercury and Jupiter affect the relationship on a more intellectual level.
Mercury stands for the mind and communication, and it gives us information about the capacity to dialogue, interact and exchange that exists between you.
Jupiter on the other hand stands for the strength of your union, everything that can be a positive element in the evolution of your relationship.


If the relationship is otherwise rather affectionate, this indicates a very developed sense of responsibilities, a strong will to face daily necessities, and well-channelled energy used toward practical achievements (do-it-yourself activities together, shared taste for specific manual or technical activities: first aid, mechanics ...). If the emotional relationship is too weak, there is a high risk of quick deterioration of the relationship. Indeed, there would be too much focus on work, effort and discipline, which would only provide you with a limited satisfaction ... In some cases, there is a possibility to work together (business run together ...) or to give each other strong support in case of illness. Interaction with domestic animals can be tricky in a difficult chart; otherwise, strong preference for dogs.
Do good turns to others could become an ideal for you. Both of you feel the need to help each other, and the others in general, and you will do that with a lot of commitment and dignity. Your relationship is first and foremost serious, and you are both aware of your mutual obligations. There is little fantasy here, but instead the desire to build a strong future through your own hard work. However, be sure not to"assign" more tasks to your partner that he/she is willing to take on, because you would be in trouble right away! Whichever one of you would be repressed, would experience it as such a total loss of freedom that he/she might go somewhere else to find it. In most cases however, your relationship will be a source of stability and strength for both of you.

Saturn and Uranus

We will finish here with the study of Saturn and Uranus.They point out the areas where your relationship could have some difficulty, insecurity or even blocks and limitations.
Saturn indicates the areas of the relationship that might need structuring or that are rigid.
Uranus, as a planet of independence and freedom, indicates the degree of sociability of your couple. It also gives information about your friendships and the areas in which you are likely to cooperate.


Your encounter, whatever its nature, is apparently meant to test you both, at least partially. It is meant to make you see clearly to what point (morally or materially) you are capable of committing yourself to somebody else. If one of you is little determined or weak, the very circumstances of this relationship will seem unfavourable to him/her or even totally unbearable, and he/she will give up. On the other hand, if you see beyond the certainty of difficulties to come and consistent efforts to make, and consider your relationship long term, then this energy will unfold totally in your favour and allow you to build something very strong and balanced. The rest of the chart will generally indicate the likely evolution of things.
In your relationship, you nourish the hope of a free and independent life, based on mutual understanding and respect. Whatever the motivations for this bond, your idea of a couple will probably not have anything to do with conventional scenarios. While most people live together out of love or duty or even reason, in your couple what you enjoy a lot more is a certain intellectual stimulation. Or projects allowing you to realize together a piece of work or a common ideal. Sudden and favourable circumstances and unexpected support, will help materialize these daring projects. Friendship too will play an important part in your relationship; it will allow you to mix with unusual and original personalities.